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Notes from the Post-Singularity

October 11th, 2011  |  Published in kurzweil-is-mashiach, kurzweil-is-truth, writing

I started to rearrange the furniture, but Overbrain wouldn't let me, said such degrading work was "ill befitting a human", I think maybe like how shitting on the lawn ill befits a dog.

The other day I tried to read a physics book but Overbrain insisted I not strain myself, so I went and stared at a picture of myself in a hat for three hours. I guess I already know all the Science, but I sometimes feel like my time could be better spent? Being everything really makes me feel like nothing.

Oh man that's good, I wish the concept of authorship were coherent, I would copyright the hell out of that.

Being part of a near-omniscient manmachine supernetwork is supposed to get me all sorts of sweet prognostic visions—retinaless Cybersibyls whispering immutable truths to me in Akkadian, dark superrealities made manifest within the divine technospark inside my skull, and so on. I'm really good at spotting trends in commodity prices I guess, but this stuff just isn't as sexy as I'd hoped.

Also I'm not sure how to tell if the collective overmind is bullshitting me because I guess I am the collective overmind? Like, Overbrain keeps mentioning how easy it was to fix global warming, but whenever I ask about it I just get told it's "complicated." Call me old fashioned but I feel like the manmachine godnet of which I am a component should be maximally forthright with me. It just seems a bit silly to hide things from me.

Haven't been feeling great. I figured maybe if I disabled my prefrontal cortex for a few hours I'd finally get some honest-to-god rest, but I understand I just crawled under a table and licked the carpet. I'd imagine I was pretty happy though, maybe I'll do it again.

I uploaded my consciousness onto seven vacuum cleaners and threw them into the river yesterday. I'm confused about everything, all the time.

I guess I'll go sit under a tree and make tiny piles of pebbles until I'm sleepy.