My Favorite Albums of 2010

December 15th, 2010  |  Published in better-than-everyone-else, better-than-you, better-than-your-friends, music

This started out as a top 10 list, but grew into a top 15 list -- there was a lot of really good music in 2010 it turns out.

Herewith, please find proof that my aesthetic intuitions are superior to yours:

  • 15. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti -- Before Today

    I really didn't like this album the first few times I listened to it, but it's certainly grown on me.

  • 14. The Walkmen -- Lisbon

    A nice, affecting little album.

  • 13. Nina Nastasia -- Outlaster

    A desperate resignation permeates all her music, it is so wonderful.

  • 12. High On Fire -- Snakes For The Divine

    ZOMG Stoner Metal

  • 11. Best Coast -- Crazy For You

    I am apparently much more tolerant of girls acting like they're 16 and singing about boys than I thought I was.

  • 10. Flying Lotus -- Cosmogramma

    Noises which are pleasant upon striking tympana.

  • 9. Deerhunter -- Halcyon Digest

    Turns out Deerhunter isn't nearly as boring as I always thought they were, whoa.

  • 8. Kanye West -- My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

    Whatever, the album's excellent.

  • 7. Zola Jesus -- Stridulum II

    A grand, towering monument to Ennui. Though I guess that's how I'd classify 80% of art.

  • 6. Arcade Fire -- The Suburbs

    An entire album about how the place I grew up in crushes your soul, what could be more perfect.

  • 5. Sufjan Stevens -- The Age of Adz

    This album is nutso. Like, what the hell is the last track -- is it a 30 minute self-parody, or what? I'd be perfectly happy if Sufjan put out ten more versions of "Illinois", but I guess it's good he's not, as this album's really pretty good.

  • 4. Dum Dum Girls -- I Will Be

    It turns out there are still new things to be done with drums, guitars, distortion, and singing!

  • 3. The National -- High Violet

    Boy, they sure can write a mean fucking song about being neurotic.

  • 2. Caribou -- Swim

    This is my favorite thing Daniel Snaith has done, and I really really like everything Daniel Snaith has done.

  • 1. Joanna Newsom -- Have One On Me

    I don't know what to say about this album, it is so good, it is so so good, it is so so so good. It has 18 songs, each of which averages about 7 minutes in length, and each of which stands on its own incredibly well. When they are put together into an album, the result is wildly powerful, holy jeez. This album is so fucking good you guys, there cannot possibly be a better album produced in the next decade, I categorically rule out the possibility.

And there we have it!

Bonus: albums which almost made the list (2009 had like 3 good albums, what the crap happened in 2010 to create this situation?):

  • Sleigh Bells -- Treats
  • Robyn -- Body Talk
  • Women -- Public Strain
  • Twin Shadow -- Forget
  • Toro Y Moi -- Causers of This
  • Pantha Du Prince -- Black Noise
  • Four Tet -- There is Love in you
  • The Bitters -- East General